Radio Reef

Your QTH in the Caribbean

Station A

Station A has recently replaced the FT-920 with a Elecraft K3, installed DVR and external high performance 6M preamp.
Along side the K3 is a proven performer, the Alpha 87a fully automatic tuning 160-10m Amplifier.

Station B

Yeasu FT-1000MPMKV - Plans are to replace this with a 2nd K3.
Another powerhouse, the Alpha 89, is available at the second operating position.

Above is the Force12 4BA antenna sitting on a ROHN 45 tower. There are a total of 3 towers at KP2M, the third tower has C3 and a 2L full size 30m Yagi. Additionally there is a 300w 6M amplifier connected to a KLM 6M yagi.

Above is the Force 12 Magnum 620/340 and KLM 6 meter on crank-up US Tower
The air-conditioned radio shack is in a separate room adjacent to the master bedroom, but accessed by walking out on the veranda and through a separate door.

This should help keep all-hours radio operation from disturbing sleeping partners, etc. The design provides for up to three separate operating positions in the ham shack.